Ignite Penrith is a charity that creates spaces for young people to learn, grow and explore. We work alongside and support young people between the ages of 10-18, in Penrith and the surrounding area. We’re passionate about seeing young people’s lives improved and we do this by:

1. Creating spaces and opportunities for young people to meet together and to build community

2. Improving educational and practical skills, to encourage good behaviour and to raise aspirations

3. Giving space for young people to explore for themselves who Jesus is and what that means for them

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The Gathering Restart

A letter from the Ignite Team

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From September 2020 to Christmas 2020 we reopened the gathering based on the Goverment and National Youth Association guidelines. The young people were excellent in behaving safely and considerately to others. Due to the level of Covid infections locally we decided to not reopen after Christmas. However infection levels have now dropped and we will be reopning the gathering from Monday the 19th April.

Whilst it will not be possible with the current restrictions to run the Youth Café in the same way that we did in 2019, we can open The Gathering in a safe way for both young people and volunteers. After consulting the young people about what they would like to see happen, they have come up with the following activities:

Monday night (For School Years 9+)

15.45-17.00 Cookery Club Zone, Chill Zone, Gaming Zone, Craft Zone and ASDAN / Homework Club Zone

17.00-18.30 Small Group looking at the Big Questions of Life. (Subjects picked by young people)

Tuesday night (For School Years 6-8)

15.45- 17.00 Cookery Club Zone, Craft Zone and ASDAN / Homework Club Zone

17.00-18.30 Small Group looking at the Big Questions of Life. (Subjects picked by young people)

Wednesday night (For School Years 6+)

15.45-17.00 Music Lessons for Guitar and Keyboard

17.00-18.30 Music Club

15.45-17.00 Home work Club

We are a registered centre for ASDAN, a national recognised awarding organisation. ASDAN provides programmes that develop and recognise a range of skills that will be invaluable when you start work and begin living independent lives. The skills that will be developed will be Teamwork, Independent Learning, Coping with Problems, and using Maths, English and IT.

We will be running two programmes:

Key Steps which is a comprehensive programme of activities for young people in school years 6-9. The activities encourage learners to develop their personal skills.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Personal Development Programmes for young people in school years 9+ which offer imaginative ways of developing and recording the personal skills, qualities and achievements for young people.

Within both groups individuals will be able to earn Credits which can be used for Activities and Trips organised by Ignite Penrith.

In addition to the ASDAN program on offer, the young people will have the opportunity to participate in a range of different activities which will be run in their own dedicated zone. Each zone will have free Hot Chocolate and Toast provided, along with any materials which might be required for that activity.

On a Wednesday evening we are running free music Lessons and a music group, both which will be led by a qualified music teacher.

Those attending the Small Groups on a Monday and Tuesday, along with those attending the music club, will get a free basic evening meal. There will also be basic tuck on offer which will include drinks and sweets. This won't be free of charge though, and the young people will need to bring the exact money as we will not be able to offer change.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, there will be a limited number of young people allowed within each zone, and a maximum of 15 people allowed in the building at one time. To confirm a place, the young people can book a place in advance by text on 07771393015 or they can take a chance on the evening that there will be space.

Regulations and guidelines are likely to change regularly over the Autumn and our Risk Assessment will be regularly updated and available on our website.

If you have any questions please contact Carl Mimmack on 07771393015

We are looking forward to seeing young people again using the spaces at The Gathering , catching up with friends and making new friends.

The Ignite Team